Beware of Fraudulent Job Offers

CloudRevolute, its subsidiaries will NEVER requests for fees for any purpose during or after the hiring process. we will never request money for the opportunity to apply or work.

It is against our code of conduct and business values to do so.

Our team does not request or require personal documents like bank account details, tax forms or credit card information as part of the recruitment process.

If you receive a message from someone impersonating a CloudRevolute on any social media platforms or through emails seeking your personal information including bank account details, passwords, or other sensitive information with the promise of a job opportunity, please don’t respond.

We also recommend that you do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone you do not know.

Scammers try to cast a wide net by including little or no specific information. Always be wary of emails which seem overly generic.

Please note that we are NOT WORKING with any individuals, consultants or agencies for outsourcing job requirements.

If you are contacted by someone whom you suspect may not be appropriately representing CloudRevolute,  please reach us at [email protected]  or

+1 (469)-676-6789 and forward the original email that you received that includes the original subject line and complete information.

“Disclaimer: Cloud Revolute has become aware of false and defamatory statements that have been made about our company on various websites. These statements are completely untrue and are damaging to our reputation as a reputable cloud service provider. We would like to make it clear that we have no connection to the individuals or entities that have published these statements.

We are taking legal action to seek redress for the harm caused by these statements. We will be pursuing a defamation claim against the individuals or entities that have published the false information. Additionally, we will be seeking class action status for this matter, as we believe that other companies may have been similarly affected.

We would like to caution all individuals and entities against publishing or spreading false and defamatory information about Cloud Revolute. Such actions can have serious consequences, and we will not hesitate to take legal action to protect our reputation and interests as a leading cloud service provider.

Please note that any views or opinions expressed on third-party websites do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Cloud Revolute. We do not endorse, and are not responsible for, any content that is posted on third-party websites.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We remain committed to providing the highest quality cloud services to our clients.”